Youngsville City Councilman Jamie Abshire joined Brandon and Bernie on Acadiana's Morning News to announce the independent sports and recreational programs soon to be offered at the Youngsville Sports Complex.

Abshire highlighted the features offered by the complex and shared his satisfaction with the effort on the part of Youngsville residents to finance its construction

The facility is state of the art and has 5 baseball fields, 4 softball fields, 6 soccer fields, and tennis courts. The recreational center will open when the parking lot is finished. I'm proud of Youngsville residents for going out on a limb and voting in the 1 cent tax to fund it.

Abshire announced the opportunities presented for Youngsville and Lafayette Parish youth by the newly - created Youngsville Recreational Sports Programs

It’s going to be a great opportunity for our kids to get out and experience the sports and recreational sports program we/re going to be having coming up.It’s going to be a great opportunity for our kids to get out and experience a better experience with sports and recreational sports program we're going to be having coming up. There will also be youth leagues throughout the year in both the sports complex and recreation center. Leagues will include but not be limited to tee ball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball.

Abshire is proud of what the development of the Youngsville Sports Complex says about the city's residents determination to improve their community

It shows the progressive thinking that the citizens of Youngsville have, as much as people hate hearing tax, tax, tax, they went out on a limb and saw the impact this could have on their community. The complex has done a great job for our economic development in Youngsville. We’ll be able to host bigger tournaments and bring more people into our area and the more people you bring into your area,  the more money they’re spending on local businesses and seeing what Youngsville and Lafayette Parish has to offer.

Abshire also announced the registration dates for the youth leagues

Registration for youth leagues will begin February 1st for tee ball, baseball and softball. Youngsville residents will be able to register for the first week, and then registration will open to the surrounding communities by February 8 and continue through March 4th.

Abshire encourages those interested in the youth sports leagues and in more information about the Youngsville Sports Complex to visit its website. Click the image above to listen to the full interview with Abshire.