Jared Fogle visited Townsquare Lafayette a few years ago. He was on a promotional tour for Subway.

I posed for a picture with him. He wasn't friendly. I thought he was a little weird, but I had no inkling that he was a pedophile. Jared is serving a 15 year prison sentence for his conviction on child molestation charges.

In Touch weekly reports he's having a tough time in "The big house." Jared has reportedly been binge eating and gained an estimated 30 pounds in just three months. He's also been threatened, harassed and struck.

It's long been said, there's no honor among thieves. There is however, a bizarre code of honor in prison.

“When you’re in custody, there are two kinds of people who are hated more than anything else; informants — you know, rats — and child molesters. It’s a violent place and he’s going to have a rough go of it for a long time. Fogle don’t have a chance.”                - Larry Levine director, Wall Street Prison Consultants