Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne joined Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin on 'Geaux Acadiana' recently to discuss his candidacy for Governor.

Dr. John asked how he would handle the changes that have occurred in the Louisiana Legislature over the years? Dardenne replied,

It's been different on three points along the way. It was considerably different when I got there in 1992 and when I left it 2006 and it's even more different now in 2015. So there have been really three cyclical changes in the Legislature. When I got there you had folks that had been there for years and years before term limits. People were very entrenched. It was not partisan...there were very few Republicans so there was not very much opportunity for partisanship because we were such a minority.

When Dardenne was asked why he thought so many in the Legislators changed political party he said,

You have a number of people who were Democrats for years, voted conservatively for years and recognized from a political standpoint they needed to be Republicans. Republicans were gonna get elected and people who were Democrats changed their party affiliation in order to accommodate the whims of the voting public.

If you'd like to hear the entire interview with Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne click on the link below.