'jeep jaunt' is this Sunday (Facebook)


Well, it is almost here and we are so excited:  The 9th Annual ‘jeep jaunt’ WILL ROLL on Sunday morning!!
We have been making plans since last year’s event, and we are making improvements to the ‘jaunt’, thanks to your feedback.
This year’s pre-registration process was on-line, giving you the convenience of registering from your computer in a matter of minutes.  The event will also see a streamlined on-site registration and check-in process and a professional photographer/videographer (even taking aerial shots!!).    On the advice of our police escorts, due to the amount of growth the ‘jeep jaunt’ has experienced, we will be taking a (partially) new route.  This route will by-pass the downtown area of New Iberia, eliminating several intersections, therefore making our ride safer for our police escorts, other motorists, and our ‘jeep jaunt’ participants.


There will be parking assistants, dressed in orange vests with orange flags, directing vehicles for parking.  FOR SAFETY REASONS, we must park in a particular fashion, maintaining a configuration that allows for emergency access, if needed.  If you want to park with your group, it is advised that you meet up prior to the event and roll in together.


For those of you who preregistered, please go to the tables that are marked PREREGISTERED.  To keep lines moving and the check-in process as simple as possible, we ask that ONLY the DRIVER of the vehicle check-in.   The driver will be given an envelope containing lanyards, badges (which serve as your meal ticket and door prize number), windshield sticker, t-shirt pick up (for those who ordered when registering), and waiver (for those who have not yet signed).  If you want to add a passenger to your vehicle, that person will need to go to the walk-up registration line to register.

The walk-up registration will be in a separate area.  Walk-up registrants (even if they are riding in a vehicle with someone who is already registered) must fill out a registration form and sign the waiver (you can download those forms, in advance, here).  Walk-up registration fee is $25 per person.  Whether driver or passenger, every person will need to complete a registration form and waiver.


Tony Touchet and friends will be cooking & selling a limited number of breakfast burritos Sunday morning at Celebrity. Proceeds will go to the American Lung Association.


If you purchased a T-shirt online, your shirt(s) will be ready for you at Celebrity Theatres when you check-in.  If you wish to purchase a t-shirt, you can do so once we arrive at Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel.  We printed a limited number of ‘extra’ shirts.  If your size is sold out by the time you reach the T-shirt sales table, you can order a shirt (the shirt booth will close at 2pm, and no more shirts will be sold).  (There is approximately at 2-week turnaround on any shirts ordered.  Be certain to leave a good email address and phone number on your order form!)


Safety.  Safety.  Safety.  For us to continue hosting this event for you and your family, we must maintain a great safety record.  Please use common sense at all times when on the ride.  Pay attention to your surroundings.  Watch for the police escorts who will be coming up on your left side from time-to-time.  Wear your seat belts, don’t drink and drive, please respect private property and remain on the roadway at all times.


You may think that our only goal for having this event is to raise money for the American Lung Association.  AFTER we have a safe journey to Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel; AFTER we meet new people, make new friends, and catch up with old friends; AFTER people realize that, when individuals work as a group for a common cause, we can get things done; and AFTER we get a great feeling in our hearts knowing that our day was spent raising awareness for lung disease, IF we have raised money for the American Lung Association, THEN that's lagniappe over our other goals that have been met. 


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again:  We’ve got great sponsors like Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel, Sterling Automotive, KATC TV3, Townsquare Media, Smokey Hebert’s Snap-On Tools, Celebrity Theatres, Light Line of Louisiana and Hulco Printers; we’ve got police escorts who keep us safe; we’ve got (hopefully) great weather, and a plan, and hopes and dreams, but, without YOU, we have nothing.  Without YOU, our event would see an empty parking lot, our event would have no spirit our event would have no hope.  It is YOU who makes this event.  Thank you.


We look forward to seeing you Sunday, bright and early, at Celebrity Theatres in Broussard!