Former Congressman Jeff Landry recently joined 'Go Acadiana' to discuss the Supreme Court's 9-0 decision to nullify President Barack Obama's 'recess appointments'.

According to Landry,

What a great ruling and I tell you what for conservatives out there who started this movement in 2010 this is a victory for them in showing how little bitty things can such huge differences...When I was in Congress it was I pushing 75 other members to join with me in urging the Speaker to keep the House in session because there is a provision inside the Constitution that says as long as the House is in session the Senate cannot recess. So, what was happening was Harry Reid was recessing the Senate and then giving the President the ability to make recess appointments on people that had actually been rejected by the Senate.

When asked what this Supreme Court decision means to the average voter Landry said,

I think that it gives a lot of people out there in America who are frustrated and who have become increasingly frustrated with the federal government and this Administration's actions a glimmer of hope that the fight may be in the Court system and the way that we check against the Administration since Congress seems to not want to perform all of it's checks against the Administration. This might be a way we can push back.

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