BROUSSARD, La. (KPEL) -- Rep. Jeff Landry continued to lambast his main rival, Rep. Charles Boustany, as a Washington, D.C. insider who spends taxpayer money as he took the stage at the Election Night party thrown in his honor.

"After voting for bailouts, massive debt increases, and taking himself a pay raise," Landry said, "Charles Boustany turned around and said in August he was going to win this race by 30 or more points. Today, we cut that in half."

Landry continued to tout his record on jobs, invoking his often used campaign slogan that "drilling equals jobs."

Brent Littlefield, an adviser for the Landry campaign, said Boustany outspent Landry by $1.6 million, focusing mainly on negative ads. He refused to acknowledge any negative campaigning on Landry's part, framing his ads as pointing out the differences between the voting records of the two men.

Littlefield said voters feel Landry is the best person to represent the district "because he wants to put his country first."

Landry and Boustany will face each other in a run-off election five weeks from now. Landry captured 30 percent of the vote, while Boustany captured 45 percent, ensuring the two rivals would battle each other for at least another few weeks.

The two incumbent Republican congressmen have been engaged in an often bitter campaign for Louisiana's Third U.S. House seat, hurling attack ads at each other that had many voters disgusted with the two men.

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