Kevin Blanchard, Lafayette Public Works Director joined 'Geaux Acadiana with Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin' yesterday to discuss changes to Jefferson Street. Another area of Jefferson is being proposed for beautification as a extension of the successful 'streetscape' project from the 1990's

When asked which area of Jefferson would be affected Blanchard said,

The other side of Jefferson. Through the Thruway all the way to Simcoe Street. This will be a continuation of the Streetscape you see on Jefferson right now.

Blanchard went on to describe the changes,

It's four lanes right now so we're going to be having street parking on the side, some pedestrian crossings, nice brick work. It'll be an opportunity to really revitalize the area.

As to cost of the project Blanchard said,

This is about a $900,000 project...we're basically talking about sidewalk projects.

You can get more information by listening to the interview. Click on the blue arrow below.