The Jindal administration is on the offensive after a state judge reversed Gov. Bobby Jindal's earlier executive order to suspend the Department of Education's contract with the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers.

In an email sent to all members of the media Wednesday morning, a Jindal spokesperson said "Common Core is crumbling in many states," and the administration outlined the actions several states have taken against the standards.

Three states have repealed the standards and 32 states introduced legislation against the standards. In addition, 16 states have withdrawn or are in the process of withdrawing for either one of two of the popular high stakes testing consortia, and 28 states have filed legislation against the consortia.

Critics of the Common Core have called the standards an overreach on the part of the federal government, though a group of state governors helped develop the standards. Supporters have tried to drown the outcry of such critics, saying the standards are misunderstood and have been unfairly vilified by some members of the media.

Jindal initially expressed support for the standards when they were first adopted in 2010 but has since reversed his view. Critics accuse Jindal, who many say is gearing up for a run for the White House, of trying to court conservative voters with his change in stance on the issue.