Governor Jindal announces a $6-billion project to build one of the nation's first natural gas liquefaction Cameron Parish. 

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Jindal says  Cheniere Energy will expand its existing Sabine Pass terminal to produce LNG and ship it worldwide. The Governor says Cheniere's huge expansion will mean thousands of construction jobs, plus create 148 new jobs; with pay and benefits totalling about $100,000 a year. He says construction at Cheniere will begin early next year.

Jindal says Cheniere's expected to take advantage of state industrial tax credits to support their growth. He says they'll also utilize the state Workforce Commission's Quality Jobs and FastStart programs to fill positions. Jindal says this is the biggest single investment in expansion ever made by a private company in Louisiana.

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary Scott Angelle commented on the project. “Beyond the direct investment and job creation that will come with the expansion, an LNG export facility here in Louisiana means new markets and new consumers for domestically produced natural gas – and that will in turn bring new exploration opportunities and jobs in the energy industry, in drilling and support industries, from North Louisiana to South Louisiana, both onshore and offshore,” Angelle said.
“All this activity is happening in a time of strong supply in a limited market for natural gas, primarily serving our domestic needs,” Angelle said. “With the strong growing global demand for natural gas in developing nations and in the wake of growing concerns about the safety of nuclear energy in Asia, Cheniere’s development of LNG export capacity will create opportunities to accelerate activity in Louisiana’s exploration industry and strengthen its contribution to our state’s economy.”