This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Carol Ross, Mike Stagg, and Warren Caudle joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" to discuss Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's recent national television appearance on Fox News and his message of budget responsibility.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Governor Bobby Jindal appeared on Fox yesterday morning and said he'd like to  see the President present a balanced budget instead of trying to negotiate with the Republicans if they agree to reopen the government and raise the US borrowing limit without any restrictions.  Jindal opposes the idea of raising the debt ceiling.  In light of how Louisiana has been governed under Mr. Jindal what do you think of his comments?

Warren Caudle started us off:

You know I actually watched that a little bit. I saw where the Fox group said they'd have governor Jindal on there. It was amazing how giddy they were. When Governor Jindal walked out there they were just swooning over him. When he came out there with that deal about "They have to balance that budget, we balanced our budget", is this man delusional? Can they drug test him? Every budget he has submitted has been smoke and mirrors. What Governor Jindal has consistently done is take money that wasn't there, money dreamed up by a unicorn in a basement somewhere, to put in the budget so it would be balanced. I couldn't believe they did that and I couldn't believe they let him get by with it.

Carol Ross added:

When Obama was a senator he said virtually the same thing Jindal said about not shutting down the government and too much debt.  The comments were virtually the same. The debt under Obama has doubled thanks to his own doing.
And by the way, what about that shut down? not much of a shut down when only 17 percent of the government it out. There doesn't need to be a default. They could priorities, there doesn't need to be a shutdown.

Mike Stagg Concluded:

Fox News is like the 65th parish on his tour, right? Warren is right about his budgets, this man has never passed a balanced budget. We know this because every December there is mid-year budget cuts, the revenue never comes out like it's supposed to be. He spent the mega-fund money, he spent the rainy day money, he's slashed state support for higher education by over 60 percent. He privatized the LSU hospital system that will result in higher medical expenses. He's ripping the safety net, he's doing a helluva job, he's like the guy Browning after Katrina.
I guess it was good to see him, because he's not seen that often around here in Louisiana. But he has absolutely no basis to make a claim as a responsible budgeter.

2. Over the weekend US forces conducted two operations in the Mid-East.  One operation was successful with the capture of Al-Libi and the other failed to capture an un-named high value target. If a team of Russian Spetznaz came into the United States without informing authorities they were about to conduct an operation, would you be outraged?

Mike stated:

We've been doing this "extraordinary rendition" all during the war on terror, so this is just a continuation of policy. It's what we've been doing for over a decade. We are international outlaws when it comes to this behavior. It sets a terrible precedent, but that's what we've been doing with this global war on terror gig.

Carol added:

What good is all that NSA spying? We didn't even know the guy was heavily fortified and we couldn't get the real high value terror suspect. The one we were really going after.
Isn't it ironic that we risk international wrath by going after the men who perpetrated the attack in Kenya when we haven't lifted a finger to go after the people who perpetrated the attack on Benghazi.

Warren stated:

When you penetrate another countries sovereignty it is an act of war. The reason we don't get caught on it is because we are the most powerful nation on earth and we can do just about whatever we damn well please, and that's what we been doing.
The reason we backed off in Somalia is that we found a bunch of kids in this place and they didn't want to put them in danger. That tells me if you're a wanted man, you need to surround yourself with a couple of kindergarten classes.
Would we be outraged if the Russians came in here and grabbed somebody, well I don't know, I think they pulled off a few hits during the Cold War.

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