Governor Jindal says he'll put off his legislative plan to sell three state prisons until the Revenue Estimating Conference gives the state's latest revenue forecast.  Mr. Jindal says he can wait to see if the $90 million generated from the sale of prisons in Avoyelles, Allen and Winn
parishes will be needed to fill-in the state's health care budget. A number of lawmakers oppose the plan to sell prisons to private operators. The idea is to raise needed dollars to plug into the state health care budget for the fiscal year that starts in July. Jindal says he'll wait for a fresh revenue forecast next month, but he stands by his plan. The Governor says if the REC forecast gives lawmakers the $90 million they need for health care, he won't fight their efforts to scrap the prison sales. However, Mr. Jindal says the state needs to have a contingency plan, if the forecast is bad news.