In a recent interview with Fox News, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal talked about Rick Perry's record in the state of Texas.  When he was asked whether or not he would like to have a job in a Republican administration, Rick Perry's or otherwise, he said he was not interested in being a part of that and that he was more interested in jobs coming to Americans, and those right here in Louisiana.

I have trouble believing that Governor Jindal could turn down the offer from someone, should they come to him asking to have him on the ticket.  There are many that say Bobby Jindal is looking for a higher position than what he has and for now, it looks as though he is content to remain Governor of the Pelican State for another four years.  Still, you have to think that Governor Jindal is thinking about life after being the state's chief executive.  Could that mean being Vice-President opposite Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or some other GOP hopeful?  Could it mean a run for Louisiana's Senate seat that is currently being held by Mary Landrieu?  There has been some speculation about his future and you have to know he has it in mind beyond the upcoming election, which barring a major mistake, is almost a foregone conclusion.

I have trouble believing that he wouldn't want to be Vice President if he was asked.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.