Governor Bobby Jindal supports a proposed Constitutional Amendment to
merge Louisiana's many college management boards into just one. Mr. Jindal says the current system--with separate boards for LSU, Southern, U.L. and technical & community colleges--is expensive and inefficient.  The Governor says he's in support of House Speaker Jim Tucker's bill that would abolish the Board of Regents and all university and college boards; uniting them as the LA.. Postsecondary Education Board of Trustees. Jindal says any cooperative venture across systems now must be organized between 3 or more bureaucracies. The Tucker bill will require a two-thirds majority vote on both House Senate before it can go to voters as a Consitutional Amendment on a fall ballot. Jindal says Louisiana needs to embrace ways to do more with less. (Tucker had a similar bill last year that stalled out for lack
of votes in the House)