Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' we were joined in-studio by Stephen Handwerk,  Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party.  Handwerk recently issued a press release titled "Jindal's Holy Hypocrisy Tour' and we offered him the opportunity to discuss the release with our audience.  Handwerk said,

We were incredibly shocked.  The Governor made the comment that "we must not become the party of austerity, we must become the party of economic growth".   His rhetoric does not match what is actually happening here in Louisiana. He's been in office 1864 as of right now...not that anybody's counting. In Louisiana employment has increased a job-dropping 2,900 jobs since he took office.  That's barely 1.5 jobs a day.

Handwerk continued,

If we truly are going to believe what he's trying to do, he wants to reinvent his party, I get it but at the end of the day his rhetoric is not matching his actions.  That's certainly a problem.

When asked his thoughts on Governor Jindal's plan to eliminate Louisiana's income tax Handwerk replied,

He said recently that "we cannot be, we must not be the party that simply protects the rich so that they can keep their toys".  That sounds great.  That sounds like something even Democrats can get behind.  Yet again, two months after he makes that comment he proposes that we're going to completely redo our tax system and switch over to everything being sales tax.  We're already fourth in the nation in regards to sales tax...that burden is shifting on Louisiana families so greatly we feel we have to call him out.

Handwerk had much more to say about Governor Jindal and his tax plan that you can hear by listening to the interview: