The 15-year-old boy who is accused of shooting to death a Jockey Lot employee in February is asking to be transferred to a juvenile detention center from the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

According to KATC-TV 3, Earl Joseph III, who allegedly shot and killed 49-year-old Michael Patin, has been in the parish correctional center since he was indicted on charges of first-degree murder in February.

Court documents obtained by the television station revealed Joseph, who is being housed with eight other inmates, most of whom are 17 years old, has been in five different conflicts with inmates in his wing "because the other inmates...were attacking him physically and trying to take advantage of him."

Joseph's attorney, Michael Hall, said his client tried to commit suicide on Feb. 15, after which he was transferred to a mental health facility.

Other inmates have also allegedly tried to sexually assault Joseph, Hall said.

"Joseph has not been convicted of first-degree murder," Hall said. "His case has not been heard by a jury and the state has not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Joseph is guilty. However, he is being incarcerated in the same conditions as adult offenders serving hard labor."