City-Parish President Joey Durel made a surprise stop by "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" today to discuss Lafayette's final preparation work in anticipation of Hurricane Isaac.

The City-Parish President discussed his biggest fears from the looming Isaac,

What worries me as far as really hurting people is trees falling people. We've told people is that you house is not going to get blown down by this storm, but a tree could fall on it. The last death we had during a storm like this was a tree falling on someone's house.

Durel stressed staying smart during the storm,

We don't have a curfew in place, but we do have a common sense curfew. The wind is going to pick up today. Probably get to 60-65mph, so we ask people to please stay off the roads. Remember, downed power-lines can still be live and can kill people.

This morning is a good time to walk around and consider what needs to be picked up. It doesn't take a lot of effort to prevent a lot of headache.

The City-Parish President reminded residents that Lafayette Parish emergency officials are already on hand and ready to react to any situation that emerges.

The Emergency Operations Center is staffed by people all year long, but in a situation like this we pull everybody together. Every town in Lafayette Parish is represented by their police chiefs, their fire chiefs, their mayors, FBI, State Police, City Police, Sheriffs Office, Red Cross, United Way, 322 Help, State Medical people, local medical people, the hospitals, anybody you'd hope would be there is there right now.

I have to make final decisions, but I'll tell you, I sit at a table with some highly trained people, and although I've got the final call, I'll rarely make a decision without the consensus from everyone, which gives me a great deal of comfort.

Durel will be meeting with the Emergency Operations Center staff today at 10:00 am to discuss final preparations ahead of Isaac.

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