Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel was in this moring on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" to talk about the latest with city/parish business.  Durel talked briefly about the behind the scenes work still going on for the transformation of the UL Horse Farm into government hands to turn it into a park. 

Durel also spoke about recent economic rankings for Lafayette, and he spoke about progress.  The discussion about progress actually continued a prior discussion about House Bill 531 in the Louisiana Legislature.  Durel supports State Representative Joel Robideaux's bill that would create the Lafayette Redevelopment District.  That district would be made up of at least five appointed board members will the ability to call for a local tax election and for TIFS.

Durel says he does not understand why so many people love Cabela's, built with the help of a TIF, but hate the idea of a redevelopment bill for the redevelopment of blighted property in Lafayette.