State Rep. John Bel Edwards visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss a number of vetoes by Governor Bobby Jindal.

Edwards said,

I was disappointed that the Governor chose to 'line item' veto out of the appropriations bill a number of items that dealt with funding to assist the disabled across the state of Louisiana.

In addition Edwards said,

I just felt with a $25 billion budget the $6 million that he targeted should have been left alone.  Had the cuts been directed elsewhere there would have been less of an outcry...I just hope that my colleagues in the House and the Senate will collectively decide to go into a 'veto override' session and I know that history is against that because it's never happened.

With only two days left to convene a special session Representative Edwards said it was time for a public outcry.  According to Edwards,

The best course of action would be for the people of the state of Louisiana and certainly the legislators to speak up, meet with the Governor and press their views that these cuts should be restored.  If there is enough public outcry the Governor will respond.

Representative Edwards had a lot more to say about Governor Jindal's vetoes and you can hear those comments in this interview: