Rep. John Conyers, Democrat from Michigan recently opened a Congressional hearing on immigration policy by saying,

I hope no one uses the term ‘illegal immigrants’ here today.  Our citizens are not–(he corrected himself) .  Our, the people in this country are not illegal.  They are out of status.  They are new Americans that are immigrants, and I think that we can forge a path to citizenship that will be able to pass muster.

When I heard his comments I was flabbergasted!  The man was opening a hearing on immigration policy focused on people who are in our country without benefit of legal entry and he says he doesn't want these people referred to as illegals.  My first thought was "this man is nuts"!  My second thought was "this man has been in Washington too long".

He actually said they are not illegals but people that are "out of status".  My interpretation of "out of status" means if you're not legal you must be ILLEGAL!  Conyers said they are new Americans.  They are not Americans until they follow the legal paper trail to citizenship.  It may take years to achieve citizenship but others have done it in the past and help our nation prosper.  Citizens earn money and pay taxes.  Illegals earn money and don't pay taxes.  Illegals do not help the nation but instead are a drain on our national economy.  Illegals do not pay taxes but reap the benefits of health care and education.  Due to the fact that they are illegal they don't bother with a drivers license or the required insurance so if they get in an accident they bypass any responsibility.  In most cases they are not even cited if involved in an accident because they cannot be prosecuted and in many cases not even found by the courts.

Rep. John Conyers has been in office since 1965 and I personally think his train has derailed itself in all the rhetoric and red tape that is the U.S. government.  This man is most certainly a poster person (not child) for term limits.  He has been in Washington so long he obviously can't tell right from wrong.  If immigrants are not here legally they must be illegals....period.

If you'd like to watch his asinine comments click on the video: