John Schroder is being sworn in Tuesday night as Louisiana’s next state treasurer, after being chosen by a record low number of voters in the November 18th runoff. John Kennedy stepped down after he was elected as a U.S. Senator. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat expects Schroder will try to play the same role as Kennedy.

“A treasury offers a politician a great position if you know how to use it and you’re articulate, you back your claims up with facts and Kennedy was able to do that, any time and every time that he wanted.”

Pinsonat says Schroder will now to try to fill Kennedy’s role and must make sure he’s on top of his game.

“It’s a big challenge for Schroder, he’s got big shoes to fill and the challenge is there for him so he starts with a Kennedy image and Kenney’s methodology of that job.”

Schroder is a former state representative. Pinsonat says many politicians use the office as a stepping stone to better things. He says the politician has the ability to make the position as powerful as they want.

“Treasurers Mary Landrieu and John Kennedy made it a very powerful position and everyone now realizes that if you get elected to that, there’s a pretty good possibility you’re going to end up being Governor or a U.S. Senator.”