Jon McNaughton has been an artist for many years, mainly doing landscapes and work that is inspiring in it's beauty.  Now, he is making a statement with his art that is inspiring in different ways.  We had an opportunity to talk with him on the Afternoon Drive Home and we referenced a work that you saw last week on, One Nation Under Socialism.  McNaughton said that he challenged fans of his art on Facebook to find some of the images that he hid within the painting.  He said,

People were finding things in the painting that I didn't even know about."

He then talked about another painting that he had done earlier last year, which you see in this posting, called "The Forgotten Man."  McNaughton said,

That painting has got a lot of subtleties.  And, I like to interject my own feelings into the painting.  It gives people something to think about as they look it over."

At Jon's website for his art, he has several facts about that painting and as you point at each President and each object in the painting, there is a history of that item or person.  It is a history lesson that is worth the time that you spend looking at it.

Jon's art has gotten the attention of Sean Hannity as he has appeared on Hannity on Fox News.  Jon mentioned that Sean has purchased the original of the piece, "One Nation Under Socialism."

This is not the last we have seen of him as well.  He mentioned that he has a lot of things planned between now and the election in November.  We'll keep an eye out to see what he has done.

It's always interesting to see an artist powerfully portray their subject in the artwork.  Jon McNaughton does that and does it well.  It's worth a look.

Give a listen to the full interview below: