Prosecutors have asked State District Judge Herman Clause to recuse himself in the case of accused murderer 18-year-old Seth Fontenot after the judge revealed distant connections he has to two people involved in the murder case.

Fontenot is charged with first-degree murder for the death of 15-year-old Austin Rivault and attempted first-degree murder for allegedly shooting two other 15-year-old boys.

Judge Clause revealed Wednesday that he was a family friend of the mother of one of the two injured teens.

Fontenot's bond reduction hearing, requested by his attorney, has been postponed to Thursday, but it's unknown if Clause will remain the judge. Fontenot's lawyer, Thomas Guilbeau, is asking the court to reduce his client's bond from a total of one million dollars to $25,000, $12,500 for each of the counts of second degree murder.

“The proof is not evident and the presumption is not great that the defendant is guilty of first degree murder or attempted first degree murder,” Guilbeau stated in his court filing.

Fontenot is being held in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.