Baton Rouge Judge Michael Caldwell has once again ruled that Governor Bobby Jindal's legislation that restructured public school teacher tenure and salaries in Louisiana still violates the constitution.

In his original ruling, Judge Caldwell ruled the legislation bundled together too many items spanning Louisiana's education laws. But the La. Supreme Court vacated that ruling last year and asked him to re-evaulate his ruling.

Governor Bobby Jindal has issued a statement in response saying they plan to appeal again and the law continues to be in effect.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of the Lafayette Parish School System Dr. Pat Cooper released the following statement in response to the ruling:

"Today’s ruling from Judge Caldwell on Act 1 was not unexpected and will have no immediate consequence for our district. Previous rulings on the law have been appealed to the Louisiana Supreme Court – which has supported the law – and we expect that to occur again with this ruling. The Governor’s spokesperson, Jimmy Faircloth, as well as Superintendent John White, have indicated the appeal is forthcoming.

Since its passage by the state legislature in 2012, Act 1 has been the binding law governing school districts and school boards. We anticipate that the legal debate surrounding the law will continue, but until a final decision is reached on its status, our district is required to follow it."