KAPLAN, La. (KPEL) -- Police were engaged in a three-hour standoff Sunday after a Kaplan man fired several gunshots from inside his home.

Police said they were conducting an investigation that lead them to the home on West 10th Street.

Officers were trying to get in contact with Kentry Trahan, but they were warned outside the home that he was armed inside. A short time later, two gun shots were heard from inside the home, police said.

Police quickly closed off to traffic a two block radius around the home and evacuated several nearby residents, police said.

Kaplan Police Chief said he called Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillion and requested a certified negotiator and the parish's SWAT team.

After three hours, police were finally able to talk Trahan aout of the house and arrest him. He was charged with two counts of illegal discharge of a firearm.