Overnight we learned of another cowardly act against Americans.  This time Americans, European and Japanese oil workers were taken hostage at a natural gas facility in Algeria.  This group "Battalion of Blood" is led by a person who is so corrupt he allegedly was kicked out of Al Qaeda!  Intelligence officials believe the attack was masterminded by Mokhtar Belmokhtar.  Belmokhtar runs an organized crime network in Africa that reportedly has made tens of millions of dollars in ransom from kidnappings and smuggling. He is known as Mr. Marlboro because of his success smuggling diamonds, drugs and cigarettes.

Reports indicate 100 hostages taken with seven of them being American.  At least one hostage was killed in the attack. I certainly hope the State Department doesn't claim this was a spontaneous event.  These people were attacked and captured by a gang of criminals and that is fact.

The natural gas facility where the attack occurred is jointly owned by BP, the Algerian national oil company and a Norwegian firm.  Notice BP is one of the owners?  Ironic isn't it?  After the BP incident in the Gulf of Mexico the Obama Administration inflicted a drilling moratorium on the oil and gas industry that forced even more Americans to work elsewhere.  I'm not suggesting that the Obama Administration is to the blame for the attack in Algeria but it makes me wonder if now is not the time to overhaul restrictions to get all Americans working in US territory.  Let these marauding pirates kill each other and anyone else who wants to work in their sand box but let them pump and drill on their own...without our knowledge, technology and manpower.  Bring Americans home, out of harms way and let these barbarians do what they will...there....if they even think about coming here to endanger Americans we should eliminate all threats with as they say "extreme prejudice".