Sometimes Monday through Friday, 5:30-9:00am is not enough time to fit all the news in.  Here are a few stories that just didn't make it.

Sasha Obama (L) and Malia Obama (C) mother-in-law Marian Robinson (R) (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Sequestration cancelling White House tours, cutting back on military spending, ceremonies to honor soldiers but that doesn't stop us taxpayers from paying for Secret Service protection for the Obama children while vacationing in the Bahamas for spring break.  Reports of their vacation have been vanishing from websites and media reports at the request of the White House to protect the children and their privacy.  Take a look at this report to get more information.

Alisa LaPolt Snow with Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates recently said in a hearing that even if a child were born alive, she believes it is still the mother’s right to decide its fate.

In New York State an eight week 'Common Core' curriculum is teaching 30 basic rights set out by the UN in 1945.  The curriculum videos are produce by the Church of Scientology.  You've got to check out these 30 basic rights.

An Iowa newspaper published school security info now says he should have handled the situation differently.

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting....not exactly but his video and the narration have to bring a chuckle to you.