I really love sales people.  Sales people really work hard for their money, and that is something that I can appreciate.  What I can't stand - pushy workers at kiosks!

I really like workers who work hard.  Most of the workers that work a booth or kiosk where I shop, seem to understand that when I say, "No" or "No thank you", I really mean it.  There are other workers, however, who make me want to push them away from me.

There are several workers at two kiosks at one of the places that I like to shop who can't seem to get it through their heads that no matter what they ask me or how close they walk to me, I don't want them to put lotion on my hands, and if one of them tries to spray me with something one more time, I might be arrested for assault.

I am all for being an aggresive sales person, but when someone clearly, and loudly says "NO" what the heck gives them the right to chase me down trying to spray me or put lotion on my hands!  I am the one that is going to get arrested for defending myself!  Why can't they make these people stop their obnoxious behavior?  What if I were allergic to something in these sprays and lotions, and  I keel over with an asthma attack?

Look, to all kiosk workers who are nice, I am probably going to buy something from you if I want it or need it.  To you aggressive loons who won't leave people alone---back off, or you might find yourself on the receiving end of my perfume!  Yeah, I'm a wimp, and I won't ever do that, but I can write like I have big courage!