When your brand is at the center of the most viewed Facebook Live video ever, you can just sit back and do nothing, or respond the way Kohl's did.

Within days of the Candace Payne (a.k.a. The Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady) going viral with over 135,000,000 views, Kohl's quickly sold out of the mask that everyone suddenly had to get their hands on.

In case you haven't seen this gem yet, please enjoy this video:

Even though they can't keep the mask on their shelves, Kohl's responded to the video with the quickness, sending a rep to deliver enough Chewbacca masks for Candace's entire family along with tons of Star Wars merchandise, $2500 in Kohl's gift cards and more.

The rep personally thanked Candace for being a loyal customer and even had a little fun with some of his verbiage based on the now-viral video.

Kohl's totally "gets it," and what a cool way to show their appreciation.


[via Facebook]