On Fridays on “Your Afternoon Drive Home,” a segment has begun that takes a lighter look at the news of the week. It’s a funny take on what’s happening in the world. Just don’t take it seriously!

"It's Friday Afternoon and time for a look at KPEL News...From The Other Side!

Lady Gaga has announced that her new album ARTPOP-scheduled to be released November 11 will also contain an app. It's probably too much to hope for that the app would allow us to delete Lady Gaga.

Meanwhile a Portland Oregon man's 14 month old daughter accidentally bought a 1962 Austin Healy car on eBay while playing on his phone. Paul Stoute said his daughter Sorella placed the winning $202 bid on the car that he'll now try to fix in time for her 16th birthday. Asked whether he was mad, Stoute said, “At least she didn't download a Lady Gaga song”

Scientists say the Hubble Space Telescope has discovered another planet some 2.9 million miles from the sun. Experts believe the newly discovered world could have glass rain that howls across the planet at 7,000 miles per hour. And you thought Sharknado was scary.

The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday stood by an earlier decision saying that a dentist there acted legally when he fired an assistant because she was-quote-too attractive. The court said the dentist, Dr. James Knight was within his rights and also...the stupidest man alive.

A thief at a gas station in Ocala, Florida asked to fill out a job application and then grabbed a handful of cash from the register when the clerk was distracted. Anthony Thomas was arrested a short time later as police got his name AND address...from the job application.

A mother alligator has forced the temporary closure of an area around Cypress Lake on the UL Campus. Authorities say the gator began building a nest leading officials to erect barricades and rope off the area. When asked what pedestrians should do if they find themselves treed by the protective mother, one UL official said, “Don't Let Go Of The Rope”

And finally this week, a Phoenix woman was arrested Tuesday while trying to smuggle three pounds of cocaine into Arizona by taping it to her buttocks according to the Associated Press. Evidently her husband lied when she asked, “Does this cocaine make my butt look too big?”

That's a look at your KPEL News From The Other Side, I'm George Snufalupacus. Remember, when news breaks...don't blame us!"