Congressman Garret Graves says once Congress returns next month, first order of business is to address the unmet needs of the property owners whose homes were flooded and didn’t have flood insurance. He says in order for our community to recover there needs to be an assistance package to help those affected.

“This is really an extraordinary event, a 1,000 year event, and the regular recovery assistance is simply not applicable with a storm of this size.

Graves says if these flood victims end up owing more on their house than it’s worth, they could eventually be on a government poverty program. He says they are working on legislation that could help homeowners who lost everything.

“When people’s homes, businesses, schools, employers, are all flooded, it makes it very difficult to recover and we’ve got to address those core needs.”

Graves admits it may be difficult to get a financial aid package approved because 3 members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation voted against a Hurricane Sandy relief package. The congressman plans to speak to the president today about financial aid for flood victims, local businesses, schools, and flood protection. 

“You need to provide protection for that Amite River Basin down below that includes that Bayou Manchac Watershed.”