U.S. Congressman Charles Boustany, U.S. Senator David Vitter and U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Bill Cassidy, as well as spokesman John Cummins, are all commenting on Attorney General Eric Holder's announced resignation.

Charles Boustany official House photo

“Attorney General Holder has served this nation for five and a half years," states Boustany. "However, I am disappointed at the political, combative, and uncooperative legacy he built at the Department of Justice, whose credibility depends on unbiased enforcement of the law. He set a bad precedent for future Attorneys General and undermined the trust of the American people in their government. I hope President Obama's nominee to replace the Attorney General keeps this in mind as our nation confronts deep challenges moving forward.”




U.S. Sen. David Vitter, youtube

Vitter is even more critical of Holder, especially when it came Holder's impact in Louisiana.

"I can't think of any AG in history who has attacked Louisiana more than Holder," Vitter said.

Vitter cites Holder's lawsuit filed against Louisiana over the statewide voucher program.

"Holder's lawsuit attempted to return 570 low-income children to failing schools, on the grounds that it is more important to preserve a school's racial make-up," says Vitter. "For example, the Justice Department argues that six African-American children should be returned to a failing elementary school to change the school from 29.2 percent to 30.1 percent African-American."

But that's not all, according to Vitter.

“He's tried to defund a Louisiana youth program because students prayed (Department of Justice's religious censorship of the Bossier Parish Young Marines' Program), sued to block voucher scholarships going to poor kids in failing schools, and threatened the release of Louisiana voters' personal information," pointed out Vitter. "I'm proud to have voted against his Senate confirmation.”

(Photo of Rep. Bill Cassidy by legistorm.com)

“Louisiana families lost confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder years ago," says Cassidy. "He sued Louisiana for trying to improve our school systems, citing exaggerated statistics. Holder would deny Louisiana children access to the school of their parents’ choosing to pursue a political agenda. The Inspector General recently sent a letter to Congress that the Department of Justice will not allow them access to records that by law they should have free access to. Our Attorney General is lawbreaker. I welcome his resignation.”

"Senator Mary Landrieu is a loyal rubber stamp for President Obama's nominees, including Eric Holder. Landrieu supports Obama 97 percent of the time, who just like Holder has no respect for the rule of law," states John Cummins, Spokesman Bill Cassidy for U.S. Senate. "It doesn't matter who Obama nominates to be the next attorney general, he can be assured he has Landrieu's vote."