Recent polls show Republican Donald Trump will defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in Louisiana on November 8th. But Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, Stephen Handwerk, says they are not throwing in the towel yet.

“I still have strong belief that Louisiana has some possible fight left in it to possibly win for Hillary Clinton,” Handwerk said.

But Executive Director of the Louisiana Republican Party, Jason Dore, believes Louisiana will be dark red on November 8, fully supporting Donald Trump. He says when it comes to the issues like the economy, 2ndAmendment, Obamacare, and the oil industry, it’s clear which candidate shares Louisiana values.

“Mr. Trump’s views are in line with the interests and the values of the people of Louisiana, while Hillary Clinton is in opposition with the vast majority of people in our state,” Dore said.

Handwerk believes that the polls showing Trump out in front in Louisiana has more to do with the public’s dissatisfaction with the political system than it does with the billionaire businessman’s ideologies.

“They see this as ‘I don’t necessarily care for the man. He’s certainly not someone I’d want to hang out with my daughter, but he’s an individual that is short circuiting this campaign cycle,’” Handwerk said.

But Dore says Trump is energizing voters. He says they have seen record high participation in the Trump campaign in Louisiana. So much so, that they are sending volunteers from the Bayou State to campaign in other parts of the country.

“We’ve had well over 100 volunteers sign up to go knock doors in Florida. This weekend they’ll be descending upon the panhandle to assist the Florida GOP in the Trump campaign,” Dore said.