(by flickr user Gage Skidmore)

U.S. Congressman Rodney Alexander, who represents Louisiana's 5th District, says his 6th term will be his last.

The Republican from Quitman has decided not to run again in the 2014 Fall election. Governor Bobby Jindal has high praise from Rep. Alexander. "Rodney Alexander has been a warrior for the people of Louisiana throughout his time in Congress," say Jindal. "He has dedicated his life to public service and finding bipartisan ways to improve the quality of life for the people of Louisiana."

Congressman Alexander says he's not getting any younger and he's grown tired of brutal party politics in washington and fund-raising.

“Rodney didn't let Washington change him," says Jindal. "He never forgot where he is from. Many folks go to Washington and they get taken over by the ways of political life. Not Rodney. Rodney's service in Congress should be a model for the folks who seek elected office as a way to break through the gridlock and find solutions that help people instead of trying to score political points.”

Stephen Handwerk photo by KPEL

Meanwhile,Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk has the following to say about Rep. Alexander and about potential candidates looking to replace him:

“While we did not always share Rep. Alexander’s views, he was one of a very few Congressional Republicans willing to put aside partisan posturing in order to craft solutions for the American People. Rep. Alexander stated in his announcement that he was retiring ‘so that another may put forth ideas on how to break through the gridlock and bring about positive change for our country.’ We agree.

“Candidates rushing to the media to tease potential candidacies, state Senators Riser and Walsworth do not pass this basic test. Sen. Riser has long been one of Gov. Jindal’s most loyal foot-soldiers in the Senate. The most recent illustration of this was when he and Walsworth supported Jindal’s cruel and heartless vetoes of services for children with disabilities and victims of domestic violence.

“The Louisiana Democratic Party is already in conversations with Senators, Representatives and local mayors who have expressed great interest. Rest assured, this will be a competitive race.”