A House-approved bill that would punish so-called sanctuary cities by making it difficult for them to borrow money for construction projects was defeated in a Senate committee. The legislation was designed to force New Orleans and Lafayette to follow federal immigration laws. New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison spoke out against the bill.

“NOPD will always work with federal immigration officials when there is a criminal warrant. Despite what politicians in Baton Rouge are saying, this policy does not make New Orleans a sanctuary city.”

Supporters of the legislation said this bill would help keep cities safe from illegal immigrants. Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand spoke out in opposition about the unintended consequences this measure brings to his community.

“And I resent the fact when people come in here and testify before this body and say that I’m making the streets of my parish unsafe.”

Normand says this Sanctuary City legislation is not needed and makes no sense.

“Don’t come down here with some overarching bull sh*t Republican philosophy from Washington DC and I’m a Republican and I’ve deported more people per capita in this country, in any county in the country, and tell me how to do my business.”

Attorney General Jeff Landry has been outspoken in favor of the bill. He sent his comments to KPEL News:

"I am extremely disappointed that the Governor and politicians who are aligned with him chose to confer criminal illegals more rights than their constituents, the citizens of Louisiana, enjoy. Today’s action shows that the Governor and his DC-style politics jeopardize the safety of our citizens"