Nearly a week after he called La. Gov. Bobby Jindal's tax swap proposal "interesting and complicated" on "Mornings with Ken and Bernie," La. State Treasurer John Kennedy is calling on the governor to put it to a statewide vote instead of just being decided in the state legislature. Kennedy says,

It will impact every citizen, every consumer, every taxpayer and every business in this state. I think we ought to allow them to weigh in on this. It just seems to me the only fair proposal is to allow the people to vote.

As he has traveled the state, Kennedy says there have been mixed feelings about Jindal's proposed tax plan. "You're proposing something this significant, which has advantages and disadvantages, which has parts that undoubtedly people will like and other parts that undoubtedly people will not like," says Kennedy.

Kennedy points out, over the past 25 years, there have been two previous major reforms of the state tax code. Both times they were brought to the people. "Both Governor Roemer and Governor Foster allowed the people to vote "yea" or "nay," says Kennedy. "I think Gov. Jindal should do the same thing. It's just too important."

Jindal's response to Kennedy's request is that the plan will be debated thoroughly during the legislative session and residents will have plenty of opportunity to provide input.