Labor Day, a day set aside to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the American work force.  Should we celebrate Labor Day in light of President Obama's statement, "You didn't build that"?

I was shocked and appalled at the President's comment then and now it still raises my blood pressure.  I work in the broadcasting industry where many years ago a man said he would take his hard earned money and build a small radio station.  Through hard work that person built that radio station and hundreds of other people did the same and we have thousands of broadcast outlets today due to their vision and hard work.  Mr. Obama, I submit to you that the vast communications industry that we know today was built by American businessmen and American workers and not government.  In fact the industry might have grown faster and better without the restraints placed on it by government regulation.  I thank God that no government money was ever used to "help" broadcasters because then we would have communism instead of American freedom of speech.

When I think of all the weekend, nights and holidays that have been worked by broadcasters I wonder why our President doesn't believe we built the broadcast industry?  I can truthfully say I have never seen a government paid employee working at a radio station except for Federal Communications Commission inspectors.

On a personal note I know my father would have had heart failure if he would have lived long enough to hear President Obama say, "You didn't build that".  My father worked 12 hour days, six days a week until his death and the thing he was most proud of was starting a business from scratch and supporting his family with his efforts.  My father certainly built his business and I am incredibly proud of his efforts.  Unfortunately I realized my dream elsewhere but I'm still proud of his work.

On Labor Day and every day I am proud of every American who built his business and proud of every American worker.  We should celebrate Labor Day proudly without government help.

Thank you for your efforts and I hope you have a great Labor Day!