Katie Bakes in Lafayette has been chosen to compete in Food Network’s' Cupcake Wars' The show airs at 7 p.m. Sunday. Whoa...this is a pretty big deal!

Owner Katie Meaux, a 28-year-old Lake Charles native said she spent three years working as a dental hygienist before she finally decided to follow her passion for baking. She opened Katie Bakes in River Ranch in 2011 and has a wildly passionate following.

She says they did have a great time during filming, but it was very stressful. "Especially, when cameras are on you and you're trying to do everything you need to do and you're under the gun," says Katie. "There's a time limit and you're trying to make up recipes and things on the spot. So, it was really stressful but we would do it again in a heartbeat."

Good luck to Katie and her team on 'Cupcake Wars' this Sunday - we'll be watching!

Katie Meaux joined Brandon Comeaux on "Your Afternoon Drive Home" show to talk about how they got on the show, her experience on the show and the reaction since that news came out. CLICK BELOW to listen to the interview: