A local business owner came into this world overcoming obstacles and has died in a tragic car crash.

Corporal Paul Mouton with Lafayette Police says Richard Broussard passed away when the 2004 Mercedes, that he was a passenger of, went off the side of the road, hit a telephone pole and a business sign, then came to a stop in a parking lot on Ambassador Caffery School Road. Mouton says Broussard, as well as the driver, Donna "Andre" Theall, both died on the scene.

According to Broussard's facebook page, he is from Lafayette. He was born at 11:52 p.m. on November 12, 1954, but says he could celebrate his birthday on the 13th as well. He was born about three months premature at only 2 pounds, 2 ounces and wasn't expected to live. He says the hospital waited until after midnight to see if he would survive. Since he survived, his official birthday is on the 13th.


Broussard says he deserves to celebrate his birthday on both days because after all he went through in the first few weeks fighting to stay alive. He says that included sleeping in a nightgown his dad made for him out of one of his dad's old nasty nylon socks with holes cut in it like a poncho.

Of his life, Broussard says, "I've always made my own way despite countless obstacles and 'speed bumps'. Life has dealt me many cards, some good, some bad, but I've always played with what was given to me and made the best hand I could." Those 'speed bumps' he says "may slow you down briefly, but they will soon be behind you so you can get back up to speed. The trick is to not lose momentum, and not let the speed bump rattle you as you go over it."

Broussard went on to attend Comeaux High School and was the owner of Scandals Nite Club in the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Pinhook Road.


His heroes are his Grandma, all of his uncles that served in WWII, and all the service men and women that have ever served in the Military, Police or Firefighters...and especially all the millions that fought in all the wars and payed the ultimate price.

Those mourning his death say Broussard was "one of a kind," "a true class act" who "touched so many" and that his "sincerity flashed as big and true as his smile."  If you would like to leave your condolences, visit his Facebook page HERE.