Another carjacking suspect in Lafayette has been arrested; this suspect accused of also breaking into a woman's home.

Last week, 40-year-old Dylan Alfred was arrested for a string of carjackings and armed robberies. This time, Lafayette Police say 53-year-old Elton McCommon of Lafayette is accused of stealing a woman's car on Christmas Eve about 3:20 p.m in a parking lot in the 200 block of Jefferson Street. The victim told police that the suspect approached her and demanded she step away from her 2002 Mitsubishi. She did, and got her passenger out as well, then McCommon allegedly climbed inside the car and got away. The victims were not injured.

Police say a short time later McCommon allegedly broke into another woman's house in the 200 block of Sunny Lane. Police say the woman was home when McCommon allegedly broke in through the rear door, but she was able to run away and have a neighbor call police. Police arrived and arrest McCommon on scene.

Authorities were able to connect the two crimes because McCommon allegedly used the stolen Mitsubishi to get to the other victim's home. The stolen car has been returned to its owner. McCommon is behind bars charged with Unauthorized Entry into an Inhabited Dwelling, Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle and Carjacking. The case remains under investigation.