Low enrollment numbers, poor test scores and a $200,000 budget deficit were all deciding factors in closing the Immaculate Heart of Mary School after eight decades of operation in Lafayette.

Our news partner, KATC, reported the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette released a statement about closing the Pre-K through 5th grade school following a meeting held yesterday between the school's principal and the Immaculate Heart of Mary pastor, the Rev. Sebastian Myladiyil.

Myladiyil said the school, located at the corner of Surrey and 12th streets, needed at least 60 new students and about $200,000 to cover a budget deficit in order to sustain operations for the 2016-17 school year.

"The school does not have adequate resources to sustain its operations despite being subsidized by the Diocese and the Parish," the statement reads. "Though the decision is very painful, available facts and numbers call everyone to be prudent and focus on the best interests of our children."

The statement also reads current students will be given special consideration by pastors and principals of neighboring schools. Also, the Diocese's Office of Catholic Schools will assist teachers and staff from IHM school to find jobs at other Catholic schools in the area.