Gifford Briggs representing the Lafayette Charter Foundation joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss his groups proposal to build three new schools in Lafayette Parish.

According to Briggs,

The Lafayette Charter Foundation is a group that is passionate about education and wants to bring about public school choice for parents in Lafayette Parish.

Briggs went on to say,

We currently have our application process going on.  We're doing a dual application with one going to the state and one to the local school board....We have three schools being proposed.  Two K-8 schools and one K-High School are being proposed.  These will be new facilities that are 100% public schools so anyone can attend.

When asked how charter schools differ from the state voucher program Briggs replied,

A voucher program is different because it involves private schools.  Charter schools are totally public and anybody can apply.  If there are more applications than spots available then those applications go into a lottery.

When asked how the charter schools will be funded, Briggs said,

It will all be done through private financing through bonding.  No tax dollars will be going in.

To get more information about charter schools and the Lafayette Charter Foundation you can visit their website.

Listen to the interview: