Last night, the Lafayette City-Parish Council decided that they would delay a vote on new regulations concerning valet parking for downtown.

During the council's regular meeting last night, the council decided they would put off a decision about the valet parking issue until their March 5th meeting.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government's Traffic and Transportation Department has put forth an ordinance, that if approved, would allow Traffic and Transportation Director Tony Tramel, to "establish on-street valet parking zones" for downtown businesses.  They would be able to have the zones if the businesses "provide a detailed operations plan".

Those plans would have to ensure that the valet parking plan would not:

  • hurt the traffic flow
  • use on-street spaces to park vehicles
  • interfere with nearby businesses

The ordinance would also allow businesses that already offer valet parking to have a two month grace period to make sure they are in compliance with the new law.