Options to lift a controversial moratorium on downtown bars and Artmosphere Bistro in Lafayette will be considered by the zoning commission after the Lafayette City-Parish Council voted unanimously to approve the resolution on Tuesday night, according to theadvertiser.com.

The Unified Development Code, put into effect in December of 2015, allows for a conditional use permit, which council members believe could apply to these businesses. The zoning commission would have to amend the city's zoning ordinance to allow these permits to happen, though.

There are still numerous steps that need to be taken for the resolution to be adopted. First, the zoning commission will need to hold two public hearings if they take up any recommendations or action. Then, if those recommendations make their way to the council, two more public hearings will be held before final action is taken.

If this process goes through, the long battle that Artmosphere has been fighting to stay in business would be resolved. Though, as one person who spoke to the Council brought up, a concern that could arise would be that everyone would want the conditional use permit for a bar.