If you want to weigh in on the next step in the development of the Lafayette Comprehensive Plan, another series of public meetings begins next week.

The first series, which was in April of 2012, concentrated on Issues and Aspirations and allowed members of the public to give their visions about Lafayette 20 years from now. "A record-breaking number of citizens joined the planning effort in the first round of community input in the planning process," says City-Parish President Joey Durel.

Those meetings gave people an opportunity to put forth their visions for the future of Lafayette.

In this second series, called Imagining Alternative Futures, residents will be asked to compare the current community trends with the vision. "Beginning next week, we have a chance to look at growth trends that are projected for the coming years and see how those can support, or how they collide with, the vision people want to become reality," says Durel. "Next week, residents have six opportunities over four days to attend a meeting that best fits their schedule or is most convenient to where they live."

Here's the schedule for the forum dates:

  • Wednesday, November 14, noon, Acadiana Center for the Arts
  • Wednesday, November 14, 6 p.m., Acadian Middle School
  • Thursday, November 15, noon, South Regional Library
  • Thursday, November 15, 6 p.m., East Bayou Baptist Church
  • Friday, November 16, 2 p.m., Heymann Center
  • Saturday, November 17, 9 a.m., Holy Rosary Institute, Windolph Hall


City Officials are asking, if you decide to attend one or more of these meetings, to visit lafayettecomprehensiveplan.eventbrite.com and register for the forum they would like to go to in order to reserve a keypad for voting and to make the check-in process quicker. Durel says:

You are welcome to attend any of these meetings and add your voice to those who are gathering to chart a course for an even better Lafayette.