The City of Broussard does not agree with some things they say LUS have said about the ongoing debate about water in the city.  They say there are inaccurate and misleading statements on the part of LUS.  During today's "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" Lafayette City Parish President Joey Durel joined the news team for another edition of "Lafayette Live" where he spoke about the water issue.  He says that once is was found out that Broussard was using water they were not compensating Lafayette for that, "after they got their bill...they, rather than doing what most normal people would do where you would negotiate it or at least say so wait, is it, could it be this much or should it be that much? They filed a lawsuit".

LUS Director Terry Huval said that they found three new connections that cross the Broussard system with Lafayette's. But Broussard says those connections have been there for more than 16 years, they're all entirely within the Broussard system, and LUS has known about them all along.

To hear the full conversation with City Parish President Joey Durel, click below: