Congressman Charles Boustany of Lafayette joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" today to talk about global issues, including Iran and the upcoming Presidential race.  Boustany says that the United States is always ready to defend itself whether it is Iran or some other country making a threat.

This morning Metro News Service ran this story:

"Iran is warning the United States not to allow the USS John C. Stennis to return to the Persian Gulf.  That's the word today from the Islamic Republic's army chief.  He says this is the only warning that will be given, and if the aircraft carrier does return to its former base in Gulf waters, Iran will not hesitate to take action. "  When asked about the news story Congressman Boustany reminded listeners how difficult the situation across the Middle East has always been, and he thinks most of what Iran is doing now is "saber rattling".

When asked about how Presidential politics and national issues effect local races, Boustany says they do have an impact, but he thinks it's more about local issues:

For the audio interview with Congressman Boustany, click below