The Supreme Court continued hearing oral arguments today about the healthcare reform law. The discussion today centered around the constitutionality of the individual mandate.  Yesterday the Supreme Court justices spent time considering whether or not penalties that you have to pay under the law if you don't buy healthcare could be considered a tax.  Today, the arguments centered around whether or not it is constitutional to mandate that people have to buy health insurance.  Congressman Charles Boustany says it is clear to him that the mandate is unconstitutional.  He says that you can not force someone to buy a good or service.  Boustany says, "it is not what our forefathers envisioned".  Boustany says he is very worried about what happens if the Court does rule that it is constitutional because he wonders what else the goverment could then try and mandate that people buy.  He says he it is a frightening time in our country.

Boustany says that he worries that when the court rules if they do not rule the individual mandate as unconstitutional that more small businesses will end up bearing the burden of increased taxes to pay for the individuals who can't afford to purchase insurance.  He says federal subsidies will only increases the taxes that citizens and small businesses will pay over time.

Boustany says since part of the program starts with individuals getting coverage by 2014, but many of the cost provision not in place until later, those receiving benefits may not even realize the total cost to every taxpayer in the country.