Lafayette Congressman Charles Boustany joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" to talk about a variety of suspects including what was on the minds of Kpel News Junkies.

Here are some of the issues he tackled today:

  • Ongoing violence in Syria and the tense situation in Afghanistan along with Iran's nuclear program. There has been a spike in deadly violence after the burning of Muslim holy books at NATO's main military base in Afghanistan.
  • The questioning of Kathryn Sebelius about rationing of healthcare.
  • The Senate could be moving closer to acting on a measure to ban insider trading by lawmakers and congressional aides. Politico reports Democratic and Republican Senate leaders are considering taking up a House-passed version of legislation barring such activity. Congressional aides from both parties say Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell were considering taking it up as Congress returned from the long Presidents Day break.
  • A hearing is scheduled in the House today to look at the White House's controversial new policy on contraception coverage. The House Judiciary Committee will investigate the policy. President Obama recently amended the new policy requiring birth control coverage in health policies. Under a compromise, religious-affiliated employers will not be required to provide contraception coverage.

Here is what Boustany had to say: