With all the buzz surrounding the opening of the new Costco in Lafayette, here are a few really cool things you should know before checking it out.

As someone who signed up for a membership with plans on taking advantage of this new shopping destination, I decided to hit up 'the Google' to see if there were any secrets, tips or tricks I should know before fighting the necessary hell on earth that we know as Ambassador and Kaliste Saloom to get there.

Naturally, one of the first things to pop up was an epic list from Buzzfeed, and it's a miniature diamond supply of Costco intelligence.

For instance, did you know that you don't necessarily NEED to be a member to shop at Costco?

You can actually shop without a membership if you have a Costco Cash Card. The Cash Card can only be purchased by Costco members, but it's still good to know if you wanted to check out the store before purchasing your own membership.

Also, not that there would be any interest here in South Louisiana (sarcasm) but you also don't necessarily need a membership to buy alcohol.

Another thing you'll see a lot is the name "Kirkland"—because that's their store brand, and unlike some other store brands, Costco's version is often just as good as the "name brand." According to Buzzfeed's list of 26 Life-Changing Things You Need To Know About Costco,

These products are a kind of “private label” and often made in the same factories as higher-priced brands. The Kirkland Brand Straight Bourbon Whiskey, for example, is made in the Jim Beam plant.

One of the coolest things that Costco has is their pizza hotline. Seriously—Costco has a direct line dedicated to ordering their delicious pizza, which technically makes them one of the biggest pizza chains in the country with over 400 stores nationwide.

Oh, and did I mention there are no limits on samples? Ever?

Before you brave the traffic to join the rest of Lafayette its surrounding towns on your first Costco excursion, be sure to see the entire list of the 26 Life-Changing Things You Need To Know About Costco over at Buzzfeed now.

Have you already been to the new Lafayette location? How was it? Let us know in the comments below!

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