Lafayette landowers who defy the city's new trash ordinances can face up to $150 in fines after the City-Parish Council amended the law Tuesday.

The original ordinance, approved in October, called for one warning letter and a $25 fine thereafter if a trash can is left at the road for more than 24 hours after pickup. The amended law is the same, but it increases the fine maximums from $100 to $150 and specifies that the landowner — not the resident at the home — is responsible for paying the fines for each address in violation.

Those who don't pay up will face a lien against their taxes the following year.

The law states that the trash container must be returned to within three feet of the residence. Rural residences outside of subdivisions are required to pull back the containers at least 10 feet from the road.

Another amendment to the law states that commercial trash pickup can't begin until 5 a.m. as directed by the city's noise ordinance.